The city I fell in love with back in 2013. I was mesmerised by it's architecture, a mix of modern and old, ghosts from the past and contemporary buildings. It's street art..

Citadel Festival

I was asked to pop down and take a few pictures of the day. Boasting acts likes Bonobo, Foals and Laura Marling, I said yes. Here's my attempt at portraying the vibe of the day..


This festival is the original celebration of true barbecue culture in the UK. I took a trip down to Bristol with Electric Child House to see what all the fuss was about..

It's Nice That x Uniqlo

anyways Creative were briefed to help Uniqlo define how they use their concept space to tell product stories and to curate the first 6 months of content..


No queues of planes waiting for a take off spot, no luggage carts speedily taking baggage to and from aircraft, no lookout tower..

New Forest Frolicked

..the residents - we went to join them for Bank Holiday, armed with a tent, a tin of beans, and an M6.

OUTBACK with The North Face

Working with The North Face in the summer of 2015 was a spectacular adventure. I was tasked with shooting some of their products on location throughout my 120 day..

Stephanie & Oliver Hookings

Imagine photographing your best mate's wedding. .


Uniqlo asked an eclectic and exciting group of London-based creatives to tell them what being warm means to them. I had the honour of being one of them..